Humming Love

My passion for the love of hummingbirds always brings me sheer joy. They are winged angels that that make beauty of the morning even brighter when I spot one zipping around from bloom to bloom in my garden. For years, I have enjoyed them, waiting patiently for their first arrival in spring. A shout of “there it is !”  was one I can still hear my husband say although he has been gone for three years. A comforting memory, one that brings me hope and a knowledge that he is letting me know he is still here at the kitchen table with me in spirit, every time I spot the first one in the morning.

For years, I have kept a running account of their visits , so today something made me want to just share my love for these incredible little hummingbirds. I have learned a lot about them, have met some wonderful friends through this passion. I hope to hear from others who share this special hummingbird love!






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