This one has to be good…because I loved of course I am sure this is a winner. The title is an instant pull.

Emily Bleeker--Author

Last week I headed out the door to pick my kiddos from school and I found a big, beautiful box on my front porch. It had my name on it (packages at my house are rarely addressed to me) and after a preliminary lift test I could tell it was heavy. My heart jumped. The last time I had this type of box delivered to my front porch it was filled with my author copies of WRECKAGE. I had heard rumbles of an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of WHEN I’M GONE being available, but I’d yet to set eyes on the real thing. How I managed to ignore the box, walk to school like a semi-normal parental figure, pick up the kids and refrain from running home I’ll never know.

Once I got the kids going on homework and snack, I ran out, grabbed the box and ripped it open…

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