Humming Love….

Waiting patiently, for that familiar hum that alerts me to a little hummingbird near by. Minutes, even hours sometimes go by. Then out of the corner of my eye is the beauty of a little one zipping in a flash to the Salvia Darcyi, in the garden. It is a tall brilliant red bloom that has taken over from the last blooms of the faded Jacob Cline Bee Balm. I am delighted. Its mid August, the time when I am more likely to see my hummers on a daily basis. I await with hope each May for their first arrival, usually around the 4th of May. This year was different, my first visit was on July 5, 2016 and it graced the Jacob Cline Bee Balm.

The days are waning, the cicadas are buzzing and their sounds ebb and flow, make me feel the end of summer is near…not liking the departure of the warm sun, the garden and my beloved hummingbirds. But wait….its not over yet. I will enjoy the present moment and watch closely for the joy.